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The studio has been operating for Thirteen years and we have many singles and couples who have been with us since the beginning and love it. Our Newmarket class is in it's 11th year and one of Brisbane's favourite venues. Brisbane, Brisbane

The atmosphere is friendly and every one mixesand helps one another. We encourage pupils to change partners which assists with learning, but only if you want, dancing only with your partner is fine.


Noel and Lyndel the studio owners were a husband and wife team with a love of dancing.  Sadly Noel passed away with cancer in 2017 but Lyndel with the assistance of the team will continue Noel's legacy. Please contact Lyndel on   Brisbane

Noel choreographed a waltz routine as a wedding present for Lyndel and in 2010 it was ratified and registered Internationally.  You can download the script free, we would just like to see it danced and enjoyed. Lyndel Waltz Script



Jan is the studio professional.  Jan, competed with her husband Laurie for 8 years and turned professional in 1989.  After turning professional Jan studied and gained her members professional qualifications through QADS (Queensland Associated Dance Studios) and ADS (Australian Dancing Society)

Alan has been holiday relieving for Noel for a while now and has kindly agreed to take over Noel's side of the teaching role in the studio.  Alan has a love of music and dance and is a good friend and loves the studio almost as much as Noel.  

The dances we teach are Waltz, Quickstep, Rumba, Cha Cha, Tango, Samba, Jive, Foxtrot (and many more) in New Vogue Sequence.

All the dances taught are danced around the various Brisbane studios and venues so there is plenty of opportunity to practice all those lovely moves.

The staff, come along on Tuesday nights to help during the paractice times and have a mixture of skill levels. Some have gone all the way to Oscar level, some are professional teachers, others have years of experience both at competition and social level. What they all have in common is a real love of dancing and the wish to help others find that same enjoyment.

Chantelle & Alan


Trish & Tony 


 Sue & Richard










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Laurie, Sheena, Steve, Chris & Li,  



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Rick & Val


Loreen & John



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