Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to learn to dance? Learning to dance is a lot like learning tennis. If you want to volley with a friend, you take a few lessons. If you want to play competitive tennis you spend your life learning. It's the same with dance. If you want to be able to get on a dance floor for an evening and have an enjoyable time dancing with fun and useful basic steps, then a basics will get you started. The more you want to learn and the more proficient you want to become, the more you need to study and practice. 

What should I wear for classes at your studio? We recommend comfortable, casual clothing.  If you would like more detailed information we have put together some information for men and women.

What does it Cost? The cost is $12 per person each night.  There are no contracts, no advance payments just come along on a Tuesday night and pay your $12 and have fun learning a new dance and/or practicing dances you have learnt previously.

Do I need a partner? When attending a social night at our studio, you don't have to come with a dance partner.  A social night is designed so that you learn some dance steps AND meet new people.  Part of the fun of dancing is figuring out how to dance not only the steps you are taught, but also how to dance them correctly with a partner. Although we can't guarantee a partner for every dance, we have staff to assist and change partners after each dance so you will not sit out for more than one dance.

What if I have a partner, do I dance only with my partner? You do not need to bring a partner, but if you are attending with a partner you are welcome to dance together all night if you wish.  We do recommend that it is easier to learn if you occasionly dance with a staff member but the choice to change partners is yours.

How do I get there? We are at Newmarket Memorial Hall corner of Ashgrove Ave and Enoggera Road, Newmarket.

What if I have never danced before? That's OK  In our Social Classes everything is taught to you.   There are lessons for beginnerssemi-advanced and advanced dancers. In each class you will be taught the basic steps of a particular dance. After each class there will be time to practice the steps that you have been taught with staff members and other class attendees.

How many dances will we learn? You will learn two dances each night and we give you a small script for each dance taught.  This can come in very handy if you want to practice at home or just have some help in remembering the sequence of the steps for a favourite dance.  You will learn a lot of dances over a year so even the most practiced dancer can be seen referring to their script.

What is the format for a Tuesday night?  Firstly we have approx. 17 assistants, staff who dance with everyone and swap partners after each dance.  All singles change partners afer each dance and ladies sit on a "special row of chairs" and are collected in turn either by other singles or volunteer staff.  We teach a new dance each week and revise the dance taught the week before each week, plus there are a few fun progressives.  I have put a sample nights program together so you can see what happens.

Where can I buy Shoes? Shoes can vary in price from approx $60 to $250.  That is a huge difference I know but for most dancers the $60 to $80 range is just perfect.  They come in lots of pretty colours, except for the guys of course (just black or brown).  We have included a few of the ballroom dance shoe suppliers but remember to ring and ask about their price and range so you are not disappointed.

Where can I go to dance after learning? We recommend that you take the first year to just learn, as there are about 60 dances on a Saturday night dance program, but you will be welcomed at any of the local dances - most are run by friends of ours so we have listed a few for your convience.

How do I know what is being taught each Tuesday? An email is sent out each week advising what dances will be taught the following week.  After you come along a couple of weeks just you can add your name to our email list.

More questions, just email Trisha and we will get back to you.