A selection of the Tributes to Noel

When Noel was only 8 years old I left home. I have lovely memories of minding him as a little boy. He was always obedient and easy to be with. Over the years he has always welcomed me into his home and I often stayed overnight when en route to my parents. He was very generous and always  drove me willingly  from A to B. In the 70s he and his dancing partner drove all the way to Warnambool to give us a demonstration of ballroom dancing. Noel had some difficult challenges to face during his life. Although devastated on these occasions he always was a peace maker. He never held a grudge and forgave others.  I never heard him speak ill of others or enter into gossip. He had a great sense of humour and lived life to the full. His life with Lyndel was a great blessing and they enjoyed their travels, theatre etc.  Noel has been an inspiration to many in the way he accepted his illness. His preparation for death is to be admired and in his own words, “Finally to the arms of a loving God where Mum,Dad and Judy can hold him.” Linda Kay

Why is it always “The Good Ones who get taken earlier ”? We are constantly asking this question lately!

This was especially true of Noel Peter Hewett. Our friendship only goes back about 12 years, but we had discussed our mutual backgrounds on several occasions, especially our history with our common passion of Dancing since school days . It was no surprise to learn that Noel was one of the youngest students ever  in Australia to rise through the ranks to ‘Open Grade” and to gain his Adjudicators  and Teaching Credentials . This Talent was always with him  on the dance floor, and no greater testimony was his creation & registration of his gift to his wife Lyndel and the Dancing fraternity of “The Lyndel Waltz”.

Noel Hewitt never stopped being a Gentleman and great Family Man;  A naturally gifted Teacher who always sought and practised perfection from his piers; and made a monumental contribution to social dance teaching, and social dances, rather than ‘Following the Herd’ of Studios who are really “The Custodians’ of Ballroom Dance especially” , who cater mainly for Medallists, & Competition Dancers, without providing the General Social dances like  the 50’s to 70’s held in every suburb & region of Australia. In his own quiet unassuming manner  Noel, together with Lyndel, have left an indelible mark on the Social Dancing Public of Queensland & Australia. I feel confident Noel will be already be ‘Starting a Studio in the Sky’? Thank you God for the honour of knowing our Friend Noel, who will be very sadly missed by all who really knew The Man, and Meistro. Barry and Kay Moreton

I feel I will always remember him as my partner for my bronze medal, he succeeded in keeping me calm through the three dances.  Noel gave so much to us as his pupils, Noel was a truly wonderful man and we as a dance group, will miss him very much.  

Nole will be sadly missed by the dancing community as a whole, Brisbane Sunday Social Dance Club

Noel was such a gentleman; a special person who emodied all that is good in this world.  His beautiful friendly smile will be sorely missed by many.

It was an honour to have known Noel and we will forever hold fond memories of him in our heats

May he continue to dance in heaven!

Noel was a beautiful soul who blessed us all with his gentleness, generosity and love.

Noel will be missed by so many; I for one cannot imagine any who was not taken by his style, a gentleman.  He had a passion for dance, this was his thing, and he was very good particularly at teaching.  Rest in Peace dear friend you will be remembered as one hell of a guy.  Goodbye dear friend.

You have touched so may lives and will be missed greatly.

Noel was such a kind gentleman and his love of dancing will always be his legacy to us.  He was so generous with his time, when we were learning new dances and I will always appreciate that kindness.

Noel Hewitt ~ a quietly spoken considerate man,  whose illness and passing caused us great sorrow.  Despite Noel's wonderful achievements and successes in life,  not the least in making a great partnership with Lyndel,  Noel was unassuming.  He seemed equally at home anywhere in the world, city or country,  it did not escape notice that he made sure to latch gates properly while visiting our property and impressed on how to stop a snake with a wire! Just part of his broad experience that he was willing to share.  A true gentleman and gentle person,  who will always be fondly remembered.  (from Jo-Anne and Ken Miller - Junabee)

We will miss Noel so much!

Noel gave so much to dancing in Brisbane and the growth of the studio over the years is testimony to the effort, skill and expertise he contributed. It was obvious that he loved doing what he did on the dance floor.  He will be sadly missed.

Noel will always be remembered amongst the dancers for his Lyndel Waltz. His love of dancing shall live on with you continuing with the classes.

 Noel is such a nice guy, excellent  instructor, good friend . Always pleasant, helpful and friendly. It’s a great loss to the social dance society , and a great loss to friends.

His contributions to social dance will always be remembered.  We are honoured to have known him.  May he  rest in peace in Heaven!

Noel will be always remembered, as he was a wonderful person.

I will always be grateful for the opportunity I received to learn from such a talented dancer as Noel and cherish these memories.

Noel was a great asset to the dancing world and will be greatly missed.