Let's Dance Photos 


 Let's Dance Movie made by QSuper during the filming of their add campaign


Studio Christmas Party Photos



Christmas Party 2017

Christmas Party  2016

Extra Christmas Party photos 2016

Christmas Party 2015

Christmas Party 2014

Santa and Friends

Christmas Party 2012

Christmas Party 2011


Demos for Residents in retirement villages (if you would like to participate in the next demo please let us know)

 Crompton Gardens Aspley Brighton Nursing Village - 2016

Crompton Gardens Aspley Brighton Nursing Village - 2015

Eventide Nursing Home 2014

Eventide Nursing Home 2103


 Saturday Night Ball Photos


Christmas Ball 2014
All Nations Ball 2013
Christmas in July 2011
Oriental Ball 2011
Christmas in July 2012
Red and White Ball 2012


Please send us an email if you would like a digital copy of your photo dancinghewitt@outlook.com