Let's Dance Studio at Nundah


Trisha and studio staff have one thing in common, their love of dancing and they enjoy sharing that love of dance at the Let's Dance Studio.  Trisha and the staff look forward to meeting you soon, so please Contact Trisha Mob 0412 308 641 or letsdancballroomstudio@outlook.com

Important Imformation

You must register via email (letsdancballroomstudio@outlook.com) or txt (0412 308 641) prior to Tuesday night as numbers are limited.

Let’s Dance Studio will be following the Ausdance Industry Covid Safe Plan which has been approved by the Queensland Government.

 The Lets Dance Studio has developed an abbreviated plan for Tuesday nights. The restrictions which we will be following are listed below:

 When entering the venue: There will be a register at the door.   The information includes: Date; Full name; Email address; Phone number; Postcode; Time of entry.  This information is held for 56 days before being destroyed.   (You will not be expected to fill out all the information every week, the time of entry - we will have the other information after your first night).

There will be hand sanitiser at the door to use before entry into the hall.  Regular use of sanitiser will be expected during the class and will be available in a variety of locations.

 Cost: The cost is $12 per person each night.  There are no contracts, no advance payments just Book via email or message and come along on a Tuesday night and have fun learning a new dance and/or practicing dances you have learnt previously. Correct money please and not small coins just gold coins and paper currency. When entering and paying, there will marks on the floor to help maintain social distancing.

 Couple Dancers:  You do not need to bring a partner, but if you are attending with a partner you are encouraged to dance together all night during Covid.  choice to change partners is your own but please santise between partners.

Single Dancers: When attending a social night at our studio, you don't have to have a partner but during Covid restrictions you must santise between partners.   Although we can't guarantee a partner for every dance, we have staff to assist the singles and staff will santise between changing partners. 

Tuesday Night Format Numbers are limited so Please let us know if you can not make the Tuesday night so someone on the waiting list can have your spot.   We teach a new dance each week and revise the dance taught the week before each week.  

Dances Taught: You will learn two dances each night and an abbreviated script is available for each dance taught. Due to Covid we can not hand scripts out but if you email your request it can be sent to you via email.  This can come in very handy if you want to practice at home or just have some help in remembering the sequence of the steps for a favourite dance.  You will learn a lot of dances over a year so even the most practiced dancer can be seen referring to their script.

Covid Signs and Symptoms: If you have any of these symptoms, please do not attend the class. Symptoms include: fever; coughing; sore throat; fatigue; shortness of breath

We have the right to refuse admission to anyone if we have concerns.

The usual social distancing of 1.5m will be observed.  However, when you are on the dance floor, you are permitted to dance together whether a couple from the same household, or two singles.

Good personal hygiene can help prevent the transmission on COVID-19.  All staff and participants are encouraged to promote and engage in good hygiene practices, santise regularly.

Dance Shoes: You can dance in street shoes so long as they are comfortable, do not have rubber soles. If you want to buy shoes they can vary in price from approx $60 to $250.  That is a huge difference I know but for most dancers the $60 to $80 range is just perfect.  They come in lots of pretty colours, except for the guys of course (just black or brown).  We have included a few of the ballroom dance shoe suppliers but remember to ring and ask about their price and range so you are not disappointed. "no thongs allowed"

Dress Code: We recommend comfortable, casual clothing.  If you would like more detailed information we have put together some information for men and women.

Refreshments: Due to Covid no refreshments are available so please bring your own water and anything else you require as the Kitchen will not be open during Covid restrictions.

Tuesday Night Program:  An email is sent out each week advising what dances will be taught the following week.  You will receive this email after your first night at Lets Dance. 

More questions, Contact Trisha  0412 308 641 or letsdancballroomstudio@outlook.com