In Memory of my loving husband and soul mate, Noel Hewitt


Noel and I had seventeen beautiful years together before he passed away on the 29th December 2017

Noel was my balance in life; we complimented each other and shared love, joy, companionship, dancing, travel, church and our whippets and he was my best friend.   Noel’s constant positive attitude after cancer diagnosis was an inspiration to everyone around him.

Noel's first passion at 15 years was music and dance.  This passion stayed with Noel all his life and being able to have his own studio and share this joy of dance with a new generation was a dream come true. 

Noel’s love of music, dance and his wife (Lyndel) led to Noel creating the Lyndel Waltz for their wedding.  The Lyndel Waltz is danced throughout many parts of Australia and has even been danced socially at Blackpool.

Noel’s last request was that his dancing friends keep his dream and love of dance alive at the many weekend dances, dancing the Lyndel Waltz and at the dance studio on a Tuesday night.  With the help of the dancing community and our friends, we will continue Let’s Dance Studio and I know that Noel will look down on all of us with pleasure as his enjoyment of dance and music continues into the future.

Noel wrote his own Eulogy and chose his own photos for his funeral at All Saints where around 300 people were able to celebrate Noels life.

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