What happens on a Tuesday night at the Studio


 Tuesday Nights

Entry $12 per person, Name badges are collected at the door (most people wear a name badge as it makes it easier to make friends but it is optional)

7:00pm – Beginner & Intermediate Classes – format changes each Tuesday depending on the level of knowledge of the dancers – for information on what will be taught on a particular Tuesday, email: letsdanceballroomstudio@outlook.com

7:30pm - Lots happens at this time, both Beginner and Intermediate End starts a "Head Start Class" for the dance being taught that night.

Plus For all those people who are already familar with the dances being taught, there is general dancing based on dances taught in previous weeks. This is an opportunity for dancers with partners to enjoy dancing before the main class commences.

Note: Head Start Class runs for 15 minutes and gives the dancer a extra time on the dance being taught that night.  if you are learning a dance for the first time, it allows you to go over the dance in a small class situation so you are more confident when it is taught in a large group.

7:45pm - First of three progressives so you can all say hello

7:50pm - Beginners head down to the stage end and others head down to the kitchen end to start learning the first dance.

8:30pm - One general dance - this gives you a chance to relax with a dance you already know or just have a chat and cold drink in the kitchen.

8:35pm - Back to the new dance you were learning for a few more dances.

8:45pm - Another progressive

8:50pm - More general dances catering for dances learnt at beginner/intermediate end over the previous weeks. Another opportunity for couples to have a practice and those dancers looking for a partner can also take a partner from the special chairs set up for singles to sit.

9:00pm - Beginners head down to the stage end and the others head down to the kitchen end to have a quick revision of the dance learnt in the previous week then that dance is played for about 20 minutes to have practice.

9:30pm - Final Progressive.


Once a month on the first Tuesday of the month, we have a supper after dancing and people bring along a plate to share.  We stop dancing on these nights at 9:25pm and then have supper.

After each practice dance at the end of three routines, the music fades out and you change partners, but if you come with your own partner you can choose if you want to change.   Those changing partners head to the chairs specially set up for partners and the ladies are collected from the end by the men and escorted to the dance floor.  The dance "assistants" will change partners after each practice dance so no lady should miss more than one practice dance.

Any questions Contact Trisha 0412 308 641 or letsdanceballroomstudio@outlook.com