Tuesday Social Ballroom Class

 A fun social night out where you can learn new skills and develop new friendships.  Trisha and the staff look forward to meeting you soon, so please Contact Trisha Mob 0412 308 641 or letsdancballroomstudio@outlook.com 


The staff, who volunteer on Tuesday nights to help the dancers have a mixture of skill levels.  Some have gone all the way to Oscar level, some are professional teachers, others have years of experience both at competition and social level.

What they all have in common is a real love of dancing and the wish to help others find that same enjoyment.    

There are a few more staff who were away when we took the photo but all wear a small Gold Badge so just approach one of them if you need help. 

We have many singles and couples who have been with us since the beginning and love it. Our class is located at Nundah Memorial Hall 16 Boyd Road Nundah, parking via Primrose Lane.  This is a lovely Heritage Listed Hall built in the early 1950's.  Tall ceilings, sprung timber floors and the many windows and doors which ensure good ventalitation for dancing. There is plenty of off street parking with the entrance via Boyd Road, Nundah. 

The atmosphere is friendly and we enjoy mixing together and helping one another and enjoying the social atmosphere.  

On Tuesday nights we teach New Vogue Dances that are danced socially every weekend on both Friday and Saturday nights around Brisbane.  

Tuesday Format We teach a new dance each week and revise the dance taught the week before each week.   An email is sent out each week advising what dances will be taught the following week.  You will receive this email after your first night at Let's Dance.  You will learn two dances each night and an abbreviated script is available for each dance taught. This can come in very handy if you want to practice at home or just have some help in remembering the sequence of the steps for a favourite dance.  You will learn a lot of dances over a year so even the most practiced dancer can be seen referring to their script.

There will be hand sanitiser at the door to use before entry into the hall.  Regular use of sanitiser is advised during the class and will be available in a variety of locations.

Couple Dancers:  You do not need to bring a partner, but if you are attending with a partner you are encouraged to change partners occasionally as you will each gain more experience.  The choice to change partners is your own but please sanitise between partners.

 Single Dancers: When attending our studio you will find our staff dancers ready to help and guide you through each dance.  It is suggested that you sanitise between partners.   Although we can't guarantee a partner for every dance, our staff dancers change partners after each practice dance, sanitise and dance with the singles. 

Not feeling well: Symptoms including: fever; coughing; sore throat; fatigue; shortness of breath, these symptoms could be  Covid, Flu or RSV.  If you have any of these symptoms, please do not attend the class.

We have the right to refuse admission to anyone if we have concerns.

 Dance Shoes: You can dance in street shoes so long as they are comfortable, do not have rubber soles. If you want to buy shoes they can vary in price from approx $60 to $250.  That is a huge difference I know but for most dancers the $60 to $80 range is just perfect.  They come in lots of pretty colours, except for the guys of course (just black or brown).  We have included a few of the ballroom dance shoe suppliers but remember to ring and ask about their price and range so you are not disappointed. "no thongs allowed"

 Dress Code: We recommend comfortable, casual clothing.  If you would like more detailed information we have put together some information for men and women.

 Refreshments: Please bring your own water on dancing nights. Once a month it is Supper Night and then we provide Tea, Coffee, hot water and some biscuits.  Please bring your own cup and it is optional to bring food to share with your friends at your table.

For those dancers who are interested in competitive dancing, Ross and Trisha also offer private competition lessons at Heidke Studio which is also based at Nundah Memorial Hall.

More questions, Contact Trisha  0412 308 641 or letsdancballroomstudio@outlook.com